The League of Dreams programs are designed to provide all individuals, regardless of physical or mental ability, the opportunity to experience the joy, challenges & personal growth from playing the great games of baseball & softball.

We offer four programs:

Our Youth Program
organizes baseball leagues for school-aged children with disabilities, and starts at the beginning of May and ends in mid-June of each year.
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Our Adult Program
is an adult softball program that begins at the end of June. Adults with physical or mental disabilities that live in group homes participate.
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Our Military Outreach Program
is in partnership with the U.S. Army’s BOSS (Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers) Program. Members of the Army’s BOSS program assist the players as they experience the joy of being on the field and playing ball.
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Our School-Based Program
partners with local schools including St. Paul’s School for Girls, Ridge Ruxton, a school for students with special needs, the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, Gilman, & Catonsville High School are some of the schools we have worked with.
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