for-familyNo one is more essential to League of Dreams than parents. Who else can provide the love, support and encouragement that a member of the family can? And nothing can match the pride a parent feels watching their child discover success and self-confidence. Plus, we know that League of Dreams doesn’t just benefit the athletes.

As a parent, it’s important that you get a chance to relax for a moment and watch all the amazing things your child can do. And it helps to be amongst the company of other parents who can appreciate the awesome commitment you make each and every day. Parents are the glue that holds it all together. From fundraising to coaching, blogging to cheering, your deep caring for developmentally disabled kids is truly inspiring.

Our Programs provide families and their loved ones with disabilities the opportunity to engage in life-enriching activities with volunteers who have a sense of community and offer a warm environment of inclusion. Our participating athletes touch the hearts of our volunteers, and vice-versa. Everyone’s lives are changed for the better. Families or caregivers of children and adults with disabilities interested in learning more about our programs are encouraged to contact us for more information using the form below or you can reach Frank Kolarek at:

Frank Kolarek
League of Dreams, Inc.
1901 Clifton Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21228
Office: (410) 719-1641
Email: FKolarek@leagueofdreams.org